Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marx Reloaded on the Front Page of the FT

A big thank you to everyone who came to see Marx Reloaded at the ICA, and also to those who came to see Robin Blackburn, Paul Mason, Laurie Penny and Jason Barker discuss themes from the film at a sold out "Blue or Red Pill?" debate last Wednesday evening. 

Due to very high demand the ICA has been good enough to add 10 extra screenings and extend the cinema run until 2 March. Any remaining tickets can still be purchased online from the ICA.

We were also delighted - and slightly overwhelmed - by the level of media interest, which apart from including great reviews from Little White Lies and Time Out (two of our favourite film mags, of course!), also culminated in Jason's interview at The Financial Times last Friday. Throughout the weekend the link to the interview was even looming large over a tiny picture of Rupert Murdoch on the FT's homepage. 

Now, we are used to the FT's liberal open-mindedness when it comes to free market policies. But the sight of Leon Trotsky holding up a red pill under the headline "Can Marx Save Capitalism?", or even Jason being allowed to argue in his interview in favour of communism, was unexpected and mildly shocking to say the least. Long may this unusual trend continue. 

Please note that as well as ongoing screenings at the ICA, the film will also be screening at selected UK cinemas over the coming weeks. If you are interested in organising a screening at your college or university then please also feel free to contact us here.   

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