Monday, November 19, 2012

Great Turnout for Marx Reloaded at Miller Theatre

There was a great turnout for the Marx Reloaded screening at Miller Theatre in New York City last Monday night. 325 people had pre-registered for the event online - although clearly Hurricane Sandy and its catastrophic aftermath meant that many of those people weren't able to attend on the night. This is a shame, and we hope that those who missed out will get another (free) opportunity to see the film soon in New York. In any case, the 200 people that did attend seemed to enjoy themselves, and laughed and applauded in all the right places. 

The panel debate that followed between Frances Negron-Muntaner, Todd Gitlin, Bruno Bosteels and Jason Barker developed into a decent exploration of the usual themes: communism, socialism, capitalism, etc. (nothing too heavy for a Monday night!). Many thanks to all the panelists, and to the generous support of Columbia University, the event's sponsor, and especially to Robert Ast and his colleagues for making this such a successful and enjoyable occasion. We like New York, and we want to come back.   

MARX RELOADED ON DVD: A quick reminder that the schools and universities edition of the Marx Reloaded DVD is available now and can be ordered by emailing us at or by visiting