Wednesday, March 28, 2012

<맑스 재장전>을 책으로 만나세요, 곧 나옵니다!

작년 9월 DMZ영화제에서 상영된 제이슨 바커 감독의 다큐멘터리 <맑스 재장전>에 관심 가지셨던 분들은 <맑스 재장전>을 이제 책으로 만나십시오.

도서출판 난장에서 곧 출간될 이 책에는 <맑스 재장전>에 등장한 존 그레이, 마이클 하트, 안토니오 네그리, 니나 파워, 자크 랑시에르, 페터 슬로터다이크, 알베르토 토스카노, 슬라보예 지젝의 인터뷰 전문이 수록될 예정입니다.

전 세계 최초로 공개되는 이들의 인터뷰 전문은 아직 그 어떤 언어로도 모두 공개된 바 없습니다. 도서출판 난장의 블로그를 방문해주세요.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Marx Reloaded at The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

It's getting a little boring to keep repeating the same script, but another "sold out" audience were good enough to attend the Marx Reloaded screening at The Festival of Dangerous Ideas in east London on Saturday. Again, our sincere thanks to the festival organizers, in this case for approaching us at a relatively late stage, and for the very kind assistance of our "technical worker" (yes, you know who you are) without whom we couldn't have got the film to the venue in time.

We will have more information on selected UK cinema screenings soon (the film returns to London in April) but in the meantime please contact us if your university is interested in showing the film and we'll see what we can do. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marx Reloaded Screens to Full House in Athens

We would like to take one more opportunity to thank everyone at Embros Theatre for all their work in organizing the Marx Reloaded screening on Sunday, and for making the event such a roaring success. A rough estimate suggested 130 people were in attendance (a full house) and, like all events at Embros Theatre, entry was free of charge. 

Although the facilities were far from "multiplex" (a good sign) Jason Barker said he couldn't remember a more enthusiastic audience ("They even laughed at the animation") or a more dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic organization. Long may the precious work of Kinisi Mavili continue in exploring the creative possibilities of a genuine grassroots, community-based arts and culture project. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marx Reloaded in Athens - Sunday 11 March 2012

We are very grateful to the theatre committee and to Ilias Marmaras for helping us make this screening possible. We know that Greece is among the places where interest in Marx Reloaded ranks the highest, and after the screening an open discussion will be held with Jason Barker, the film's director, who is making the trip to Athens especially for this event. 

Embros Theatre is an occupied space in the Athens downtown area, at the district of Psirri. The occupation was initiated by the collective Kinisi Mavili in November 2011 and soon joined by the movement of Psirri residents and workers as well as other individuals. The occupation hosts projects referring to experimental cultural events, and initiates social-political forms of self-organization actions: