Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marx Reloaded on DVD - Universities Edition

Marx Reloaded will be available on DVD from the end of October 2012. Orders can be placed now by writing to us at our email address. 

PLEASE NOTE: since the vast majority of the inquiries we receive are from schools and universities, we are releasing a special schools and universities edition. This comes with foreign language options (in Spanish and Serbian) and around an hour's worth of bonus material. We are also aiming to stream all of the film's interviews from our website in the not too distant future, although for the moment it's just the DVD.   

If you are with a college or university then we suggest you ask your head of library acquisitions to order the film directly from us or else visit Soon we hope to have an online order form set up for credit card transactions.

More details will be posted in due course. Thanks for your patience. 

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